Mission and Vision


Our Mission:  “Forming Disciples to be Christ’s Healing Hands”


When you are here at St. Luke’s, you will experience this mission in the words and actions of our faith family. 

Each ministry strives to make this mission its own, tasked to hand down the Gospel of Christ to the next generation of believers. 

Each gathering unites us in Christ.  We are edified and encouraged by His Gospel to look at the world around us and ask:  “How might God work His healing and restoration through me?” 

Each member discerns how they might be a living reminder of our Lord and Savior Jesus.  We look at the journey God has placed us on, and all those people and relationships He has placed on our path.  With genuine hospitality, we aim to welcome all, and serve one another as Christ illumines our lives.

How does your Mission and Vision work together?

Our Mission is just a simple statement that we aim to spend our life together achieving.  Our vision, by God’s direction, aims to answer the question:  What does ‘Forming Disciples to be Christ’s Healing Hands’ look like inside and outside of our church walls?    

How do you view small groups? 

We have adopted a model that works well here: the BLESSED model.  Our shared goal points our small group (classroom setting) ministries toward a well-rounded education (the ED in BLESSED).  With that goal, we have groups that meet to discuss Book studies (the B in BLESSED), which are often comparative theology discussions.  We have groups that meet to discuss Life Experience studies (the LE in BLESSED), which often allow for groups to find unity in joy as well as suffering.  We have groups that meet to discuss Scripture Studies (the SS in BLESSED), which focus specifically on one particular book of the Bible. 

We find that in each study, every base is covered as we celebrate the full council of God!

What is important to your church?

St. Luke’s has a passion for worship.  Our most joyful times are spent as shared experiences, when all generations are in the room together.  Whether you’re a visitor, a regular attendee, or a member, we celebrate being connected in Christ, and find great joy as we grow together in Him!  

We consider our whole lives to be a living liturgy – every moment of every day is an opportunity to worship!  We aim to stop at nothing to get the Word out, whether we serve in our facility, our homes, our community, our nation, or our world!